Maryland Titans Youth Sports

The Maryland Titans Youth Sports Organization is a nonprofit, community based, ALL VOLUNTEER youth sports and mentoring organization providing organized football and cheerleading for kids ages 5 to 14. Our volunteers are carefully selected so that we are able to provide an all around positive environment where kids can not only learn the game, but are also taught life lessons they can build on. We have proudly served the Clinton and surrounding communities for more than 13 years and have impacted the lives of hundreds of athletes who have gone on to great success on and off the field. We take pride in knowing that each and every volunteer with the Titans is committed to the best interest of the kids. You, the parent, the player, the cheerleader, the future volunteer, are in the right place, at the right time, for all the right reasons. WE ARE THE MIGHTY, MIGHTY TITANS!!!


The Titans mission has been to support and encourage the positive growth and development of youth and their families through our community outreach efforts and comittment to work with other community groups for the betterment of our youth. Building character through self-discipline and hard work, over coming dissapointment and defeat, taking pride in who you are and what you accomplish, always having a “Can Do” attitude, and doing all of this with great sportmanship are the staples behind the success of our kids. We work closely with parents to monitor the academic performance of kids within our program and encourage our parents to communicate any challenges they may be experiencing so we are able to support the families efforts. When you become a member of the Titans, you not only have a great organization to pursue your cheer and football aspirations, but you join a family of coaches, parents, community businesses, and board members who are committed to leading and governing the organization through good character and ALWAYS putting what is in the best interest of the kids ahead of all else. WE ARE COMITTED TO THE COMMUNITY ONE KID AT A TIME!!


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