South County Sports Academys

The mission of the South County Sports Academys, Inc. (SCSA) is to develop the youth of our community into well rounded leaders and to make the youth of our organization an inspiration to other youth organizations in the county. Every member of our organization has made it their obligation to close the disconnect between youth athletic organizations, educators, and parents in our community. We feel that we as a youth organization can no longer fail our children by emphasizing athletics without an equal balance of educational opportunities. We felt that we can no longer be just football and cheer clubs or basketball organizations. We have to also be an extension of the education that is provided for our youth during the course of their school day. We sat with several educators in the community and asked what they would like to see from youth organizations and have developed a program that we feel will develope a strong mind as well as a strong body.


Our goal is for our youth to compete and win in the classroom as well as the athletic field. We began 2012 with a well structured tutoring and education program that will provide computer training, journalism, and academic tutoring for the youth of our organization. We also have teamed with some of the most successful youth coaches in the county to ensure athletic excellence as well. With the help of the teachers, parents, and volunteers we anticipate an excellent experience for you and your youth.


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